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37 – Week Bumpdate ~ BLOGTOBER ~

Blogtober Day 4!

Happy Thursday to everyone! I can’t believe it’s already been four days since I started this challenge. I’ve got a lot planned and I am so excited about it. Today’s post is going to be my 37-week Bumpdate for y’all. I hit 37 weeks yesterday so that’s exciting! This pregnancy has seriously flown by. I can’t believe it’s almost the end, but I am so excited to meet Baby Boy.

This Bumpdate is a little different to what I’ve done before. I recently came across this bullet style Bumpdate on The Hello Honey Blog and I really loved the layout. So this is kind of my version of it. Let me know how y’all like it.

Okay, so here it is!

~ Bumpdate ~

How Far Along: 37 weeks

Baby Weight: 7.5 lbs

Total Weight Gain: 1 lb in the last week (lost 20-30 lbs since I became pregnant)

Dr. Visits: Weekly now!

Maternity Clothes?  A few, mainly maternity bottoms. Maternity shorts and flowy tops are my go to when we go out.

Stretch Marks? Yes! Over the last 2 weeks, on the underside of my belly, they have started to show up! My belly has started to itch so much over the last week!

Sleep: Sleep has actually gotten a little bit better. My hips still hurt every so often and it is an absolute pain to roll over. Literally painful and usually takes a minute or two. However, the last few months, it had been every half hour or so that I would have to roll over and now it’s only a few times during the night. I’m not sure why, but it’s nice. Other than that, I get up to use the restroom about twice a night and the rest of the time I sleep pretty well.

Best moment this week:  I think the best moment for me was yesterday when we found out that Baby H is head down again. I was so nervous about him not turning head down over the last week. I just hope and pray that he will stay put.

Other than that, just feeling and seeing him kick and move around is pretty amazing. I just can’t wait to have him in my arms 🙂

Miss Anything? I really just miss being comfortable. Everything I do comes with sound effects these days. Everything hurts, no matter what position I’m in, something is hurting or uncomfortable lol. My lower back on the right side has had a knot in it for the last month or so and it is the worst. So, I miss not being in pain lol.

Movement: Oh so much movement these days! At least once a day you can see him pushing my sides out. Baby Boy gets the hiccups about 2-3 times a day and you can see my entire stomach moving from the outside. It is kind of weird, like a twitch I can’t control. Haha.

Food Cravings: Nothing really specific. Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve had what I call momentary cravings. I will really want something, even cook it up or drive to the restaurant… then the moment has passed and I really don’t want what I was just craving moments before. Very strange!

However, favorites anytime have been homemade veggie pita pizza, and just about any type of pasta. These two things seem to never cause any issues lol.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Chicken. Raw chicken is just… Ew. I do most of the cooking (I love it) but recently, Hubby is the one cleaning up the chicken and popping it in the oven. I’m fine eating it, but the smell and look of it raw really gets to me these days. Same as during my first trimester!

Labor Signs: Not really. At least I don’t think so. LOL. I have this feeling like “Oh my goodness. Will I even know when it starts?” I know that’s probably silly. Idk. I guess we’ll see how the next few weeks go.

I’ve been having very strong pelvic pains. Usually pretty short in length but very sharp pains. They make me stop in my tracks and bend over if I’m standing or walking. These pains only come every other day or so though.

Belly button in or out? Mostly in I guess. It’s not out. It’s kind of flat lol

Wedding rings on or off? I still wear my wedding band every day. The engagement ring has to come off while at home. I’ll squeeze it on if we go out. It’s just a bit tight.

Exercise: I try to get in a good bit of walking. It’s still really hot here, so this walking usually happens at the grocery store! I can’t do too much at this point since my feet are swollen 24/7. Luckily it’s flip-flop weather and I have some adjustable Clark’s sandals!

Looking forward to: Having this baby! I am so looking forward to holding him in my arms for the first time and just watching him as he grows and learns. I’m beyond nervous about being a mom, but I’m also extremely excited and blessed. Hubby is very much looking forward to having his “little buddy” around. Teaching him things and doing family activities together 🙂 <3

There you have it. My 37 Week Bumpdate.

Lots Of Love,

~ Ray

8 thoughts on “37 – Week Bumpdate ~ BLOGTOBER ~

  1. I was DYING by that point last year (had my daughter 10/22)! Constant gallbladder attacks, wetting my pants, just generally a grand time. The first year goes by at the speed of light.

    Sending you good wishes for the baby!

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! Congrats on your little girl 🙂 I’ve heard the first year flies by. I just hope to soak it all in!
      Thank you so much for the good wishes!
      ~ Ray

  2. This is so special Ray. I can completely relate (not being pregnant, lol, but as the hubby looking in, wife is due with our 3rd in 2 weeks). Seeing all the signs you mention. Sound like you’re very in tune. And everything sounds completely normal. The sore hips, sharp pains, baby dropping head down, all signs you’re getting closer. You must be so wrapped. You sound wrapped. And “little buddy”… That’s real special he is excited. All the best. It’s such a wonderful gift.

    Ivan 🤓

    1. Aww. 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear everything is normal lol. Sometimes, I worry. Which I guess is normal too!
      Yes, I am very excited and seeing my husband so excited is something very special to me 🙂
      Sounds like our littles could be born very close together! Very cool.
      Love and well wishes to you and your wife as you guys prepare for your 3rd!
      <3 Ray

  3. I was exhausted by that point! It sounds like your doing amazing!! Good for you for walking often! So excited for you and baby!!! Can’t wait to keep hearing when he arrives!!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      Yes, I am exhausted! The walking has died down a bit during the last week. But I try to stay moving. Stretching/light yoga is pretty much my go-to these days.
      I can’t believe we’re so close to meeting him!
      I’ll definitely keep the updates coming!
      ~ Ray

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