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5 Ways To Transform Your Life

Recently, I’ve been researching more and more about yoga, meditation, personal growth, and ways to grow spiritually. A few days ago, I came across several YouTube videos of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and I feel as if my “eyes” have been opened in a way. Today, I will begin sharing a few tips of his that can help you transform your life. I will be doing more blog posts similar to this in the future, so I hope y’all will join me on this journey of growth and keep an eye out for future posts!

Over the last few days, I have been reading over this list of ways to transform your life every morning and it has helped me tremendously. There are so many wonderful points that Dr. Dyer makes, but I will only list the first few of them today. Dr. Dyer recommends taking a few of these points at a time or even just one at a time and letting them sink in, meditating on them for a day or so, then moving on to the next number of ways. So, this is how I will be presenting them to all of you. A few at a time.

Transforming your life is a powerful and wonderful thing and doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be as simple as changing your thoughts. Be aware of how you speak and how you think.

Dr. Dyer has helped me to change the way I think about life, God, my body, my soul, and how these are all connected. He talks about God and the Bible in a way that I’ve never heard it before. Dr.Dyer’s way of explaining and just of talking, is so calming and understandable. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. However, I am so looking forward to watching and listening to more of his videos and reading his books. Dr. Dyer’s works continue to help people to this day, and I’m sure will carry on helping people for generations to come.

Below, I have listed a few of the ways to transform your life from 101 Ways To Transform Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Some thoughts are my own and some thoughts are from his motivational speaking.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments !

Trans – To go beyond. To soar above. To go past.

Form – The physical world we live in and the boundaries we experience in our life. Our body.

Transforming – Going beyond your form. Going beyond the limits of your body. Pushing and soaring past the boundaries.


Know in your heart that there is an invisible intelligence in everything and you have the power to make contact with this divine intelligence and create a life of bliss.

Your thoughts and words are incredibly powerful. You have greatness, you have an energy that flows through you and everything that you come into contact with. Know it and begin to trust it. By doing this, you will begin to experience transformation in your life.


Begin to look inward, not outward.

Your essence as a human being lies within. The doorway to a higher level of awareness in your life opens inward. Do not find yourself facing the wrong way, do not look outside yourself for the answers to your problems.


Realize that there are no accidents.

God is in control. Everything that shows up or happens in your life has something to teach you. Be open to and accepting of this fact. Learn to be appreciative of everything and everyone in your life. Appreciate everything you come into contact with. ( flowers, your eyes, your legs, your liver, animals, etc. )


Draw your inner energy from the beauty that surrounds you.

This energy reception will become a source of strength and sustenance in your life. See the beauty and fullness of God in everyone. Do not judge.


Be peaceful. Experience silence. Meditate. Listen to God.

He will find the solution to every one of your problems. Be peaceful and go with Him. Understand this, “God’s one and only voice is silence ” – Herman Melville

These are just the first 5 tips on how to Transform Your Life from Dr. Dyer. I highly recommend listening to some of his speeches or picking up one of his books. I will continue these posts each week as I continue to study for my own personal growth and I hope you guys enjoy taking this journey with me.

XO my loves,

~ Ray

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