A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

As I was getting geared up to officially enter the world of blogging, I browsed more blogs than I can even count. Getting ideas, looking at layouts and designs, and really trying to decide how I wanted my blog to look and what I wanted to say. There are so many wonderful blogs out there but, there are a select few that really spoke to me. These are a few of the blogs (in no particular order) that I definitely recommend following if you aren’t already!


Wish is one of my favorite blogs because there is so much content! Carrie is around my age, but has been blogging for over 10 years. Wish is one of the leading fashion & lifestyle blogs in the U.K. Carrie has traveled all over the world, sharing her pictures and advice along the way. I love this blog because it is so full of inspiration. To me, it has a lot of what I hope to include in my blog, everything from food and fashion to travel and picture perfect photography.


Lauren Kay Sims

Lauren’s blog is a favorite of mine because she has awesome photos, an easy to navigate layout and great advice. Choosing to include a Faith and Inspiration section under Lifestyle is a wonderful idea and one that I will probably be including on my own website shortly. Lauren has so much great content including favorite hair products, fashion advice, health and fitness inspo, and of course, my favorite section, Faith and Inspiration.


Thirteen Thoughts

Paula over at Thirteen Thoughts has a wonderful space on the internet. TT is a lifestyle and beauty blog and I love, love, love her beauty section. The products she recommends and her advice on skin care routines. Love it! Y’all should definitely check her website out!


The Toasted Pine Nut

Over at The Toasted Pine Nut, Lindsay comes up with some amazing recipes! Most of the recipes are healthy, low – carb, gluten free and most importantly, Delicious!

My favorite recipe this season has been her Chocolate Peppermint Donuts! I can not wait to try these out! I’m a sucker for anything chocolaty and pepperminty, especially around the holidays!


The Every Girl

Okay. So, this website has an entire team behind it. Trust, with all of the content they have, you will 100% understand why. This site has (literally) everything. From career & finance to fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, etc. The list continues. This is one of my absolute favorite websites, I could lose hours just browsing lol.

Alright, there you have it. 5 blogs / websites that I most enjoy. Do you have a favorite blog? Let me know in the comments!

Spread the love, we are here to encourage each other and lift each other up. There are so many things out there in day to day life just waiting to tear us down. Let’s be there for each other and help each other out as best we can.

XO loves,

~ Ray ~

1 thought on “A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

  1. There’s space for everyone and I completely agree that we all need to lift each other up! I really struggle with negativity and comparison and it’s an active learning curve for me to practice more gratitude. X thanks for sharing other blogs that I know I am going to enjoy reading ?

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