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Welcome back y’all! I know it has been a little while since I posted on here and I’m sorry about that. I’ve gotten some messages from y’all wondering how my pregnancy is going and if I’ve had Baby Boy yet. Well, I sure have had quite a few things going on! But no, Baby Boy hasn’t made an appearance yet. At one point just a few days ago, I was worried that I was going to lose my blog due to some glitch. But luckily everything was able to be fixed! Whew, that sure was nerve racking though. Yes, I have everything backed up, but the thought of having to go through and re-post EVERYTHING and re-organize and start over with a fresh theme… wowza. But like I said, thank goodness that isn’t the case!

Now, the reason we are all here today!

Bumpdate Graphic

Baby Boy Hart is doing wonderfully. We just had my 36-week doctor appointment and from here out we will be visiting the doctor every week. Baby Boy is just a hair over 7 pounds and is growing just the way he should be. Dr thinks that Baby Boy will probably be a little over 9 pounds when he’s ready to come. So, that’s something to look forward to!

We got a pretty good look at his face recently and everyone we’ve shown that ultrasound picture to has said that he looks exactly like me. I have kind of a round face, a fairly small nose, chipmunk cheeks, a resting grump face, and a top lip that pokes out a bit. And, yes he has all of those things as of now 🙂 At this appointment, we did find out that Baby Boy Hart was actually turned horizontal. With his head to the left and his feet to the right of my belly. All my fellow mama’s (including soon-to-be-mamas) know that Baby needs to be head down for a vaginal birth. Otherwise, he will be considered breach and we may have to go in for a c-section.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with c-sections, but that is most definitely not my preference. I have always wanted to have a natural, vaginal birth. Even going as far as I can through labor without an epidural or anything like that. If the pain gets to be just too much, then I don’t have a problem getting an epidural, I’ve just always wanted to try and go as far as I could without it and maybe make it all the way.

Of course, I know a healthy me and a healthy baby is the end goal, so whatever it takes. However, we are praying very very hard that Baby Boy Hart will continue to flip around in my tummy until he is in the correct position for birth. Hubby and my mom say not to worry. They say that God and Baby Boy both know what they’re doing… and while I believe that, it just doesn’t stop this soon-to-be-mama from worrying.

We will see how everything goes at our next appointment and I will be sure to update you guys. Probably as one of my first Blogtober Posts! I’m so excited for those!

Now for a little Mama update.

First let me say, I love being pregnant. Feeling Little Man move around in my tummy is literally one of the highlights of my life and I am at the point where I get a little nervous if I don’t feel him move for a while. It is absolutely amazing what our bodies as women can do and I know I am beyond blessed to be carrying and growing this little babe. I will gladly go through all of this time and time again if God will bless us with more children.

With that being said, pregnancy is NOT all roses and bliss. This is my first pregnancy and let me tell you, there are some things that women just do not tell other women about pregnancy.

Be warned, this may contain TMI, but that is simply my life right now and that’s what y’all come here for.

So, the last week or two for me have brought on some very new and very apparent pregnancy symptoms. My mom, hubby’s mom and aunts, even my doctor all say everything is normal and nothing to worry about. But boy oh boy, normal does not mean easy!

Just to list a few.

Let me know if you experienced any of these symptoms in your last few weeks of pregnancy!

  • Unbelievable hip pain. Especially at night.
  • Constant knots in my lower back.
  • Achy pain, like fever pain, but only between my shoulder blades.
  • Very swollen feet and lower legs. Even when I’ve just been sitting and working, I’ll look down and BOOM sausage toes!
  • Diarrhea and Constipation… At. The. Same. Time. Explain how that’s normal LOL.
  • Tons of discharge. Nothing smelly or cottage cheese like. Just yellow and a lot of it. Again, apparently normal.
  • Very sore boobs, usually just my left one but sometimes both. (Feels like a “titty twister”) Except worse!
  • Slight leakage from my boobs, mostly during the night. Then dried crusty stuff on my nipples every morning. Yep, that happens.
  • Heartburn is unreal these days. No matter what I eat or drink, so believe me you I am indulging in all the tomatoey based pasta dishes, veggie pizzas, and sweet tea that I want lol.
  • My emotions are absolutely through the roof! It’s unreal and very annoying. Sometimes I don’t even know if I’m mad or sad or tired or what’s up…. so I just cry. Like, ugly/heavy cry and it’s not pretty lol. My poor hubby, if he looks at me sideways I could burst into tears. I know it’s just hormones, but still. Emotions are running high, all of the emotions.
  • Nausea has resurfaced. I dealt with this my first few months of pregnancy. I never actually got sick, and I still haven’t. However, nausea these days is very real.
  • Shaking. My hands and arms will start uncontrollably jittery-style shaking just out of nowhere. Even when I eat and drink plenty of water. It’s just a thing that’s been happening.
  • HOT. All the time. Hubby, bless his heart! He walks around the house in sweatpants and a sweatshirt while I’m in shorts and a sports bra most days lol. Seriously just always HOT.

There are probably a few more that I haven’t mentioned, but you get the idea. Oh! Forgetfulness! That one is at an all-time new level. I forget literally everything… I’ll grab a spoon or something, turn around not 5 minutes later and grab another one thinking that I hadn’t grabbed one yet… yeah… it’s bad.


That’s just a little bit of life lately. But I know, as soon as Baby Boy is in our arms this will all be worth it. I am so excited to welcome him to the world. To teach him and help him grow into a wonderful strong man.

Again, let me know if you experienced any of the above symptoms during your pregnancy. I’m very interested to know just how common some of these things are.

Lots of Love,

~ Ray

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