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Have Faith – Be Bold – Be Brave

Have Faith. Be Bold. Be Brave. Even if you feel Blind.

Do you ever have those days or weeks where you just can’t seem to get anywhere? Like you’re running on the spot so to speak. Sometimes, when I find myself trying to figure this “life” thing out on my own, it doesn’t quite go the way I had imagined. Have faith, be bold, be brave. These are words that have stuck with me since I heard them at a church camp almost 10 years ago!

Listening to God isn’t always easy, trust me, I have been there time and time again. Even when you do hear God clear as day telling you exactly what you need to do, sometimes that isn’t even easy. But God never told us that following Him would be easy. In fact, in the Bible, we are warned of the exact opposite. We as Christians are called to have faith in God. We need to focus on that faith when we feel like we are in the dark and are not sure of where to go or what to do. Have faith that God will show you the way, in His time.

I want to touch on fear. Fear is crippling. It can fully take over if it is allowed and this can sometimes cause people to turn away from where they feel God is leading them. Fear is the number one weapon that the devil will use when trying to keep God’s people from doing things that will inevitably help grow the Kingdom of God. Be aware of this and recognize that it is the devil trying to keep you down through that fear.

I have these four phrases that I try to remember when I am looking for God’s light to show me the path that I’m meant to take.

Trust. Be. Go. Allow.

First, TRUST. Trust God to lead you and show you His way.

Without Trust in Him, how can you expect to hear Him? It’s a two-way street.

Next, BE. Be open to new experiences.

Chances are, God isn’t going to ask you to do the same exact things that you’ve done before. If you want different/new results, you have to be willing to do different/new things.

Then, GO. Go where you feel God leading you.

Don’t question Him over and over hoping for a different answer. Of course, you should pray about it, and pray a lot. But if you continually feel the same pull towards a certain direction, chances are that is God trying to show you that He wants you to go that way. You need to trust in Him, listen to Him and just GO.

Finally, ALLOW. Allow God’s light to guide you through the darkness.

No matter how uncertain you may feel about following God’s will, know that He is right there with you guiding you and protecting you with every step. He will never lead you into a situation that you can’t handle. Through Christ, you can do ALL things. Do not take this text lightly, if you need to walk on water or move a mountain, have full faith in God and He will do exactly what needs to be done.

These four things have honestly changed my life. Now, I know sometimes it may seem extremely difficult to hear and know exactly what it is that God wants you to do. I personally have been experiencing a serious tug of war lately and it’s not fun. My advice to you (and myself) is to stay in the Word and pray consistently. Maybe God just isn’t ready for you to know what’s coming next. Be patient and ready yourself. When the time comes for you to know, you want to make sure that all your bases are covered and there is nothing standing in the way of you hearing God’s voice.

I hope this post brings some inspiration or motivation to someone out there. When I woke up this morning and felt the sudden urge to write this post, I knew I had to sit down and type it out right there and then. I hope that means that this is a topic someone needed to read about today. Please, reach out to me if this has helped you in any way. I love hearing from you guys.

Lots of Love,


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