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Ways To Transform Your Life – Part 2

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope you all have wonderful, fun plans for today. Tonight, I will be indulging in some delicious Chinese food and as many sushi rolls as I can get lol.

I know Valentine’s Day can also be a tough day for some people out there. Maybe you had a bad breakup, or have never had a “real” valentine’s day with that one special person. Well I hope you don’t let it get you down this year! Enjoy this time, get together with your other single girlfriends or binge on your favorite tv show with a bucket of popcorn and your favorite wine. Whatever you choose to do today, I hope you will treat yourself and not just let this day pass you buy.

Now, let’s jump in to the rest of the post, shall we?

I want to continue talking about Dr. Wayne Dyer. I mentioned him a few posts back and told you guys I found his 101 Ways To Transform Your Life video on YouTube. I am still thoroughly enjoying listening to him and would love to share with you a few more ways to make your life the best it can be.

You can find # 1 – 5 here.

Below, I have listed a few of the ways to transform your life from 101 Ways To Transform Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Some thoughts are my own and some thoughts are from his motivational speaking.

Remember –

Trans – To go beyond. To soar above. To go past.

Form – The physical world we live in and the boundaries we experience in our life. Our body.

Transforming – Going beyond your form. Going beyond the limits of your body. Pushing and soaring past the boundaries.


Forgive yourself for any transgressions.

Everything happens for a reason – Free yourself. Saying things like, “ This shouldn’t have happened” or “I shouldn’t have done this” is like saying that God’s plan doesn’t work and your plan would. God forgives you if you simply ask him, forgiving yourself can often be tricky. 

– Try to simply forgive yourself and move on –


Ancient Truth – When you seek happiness for yourself; it will always elude you. When you seek happiness for others you will find it yourself. Making others happy always makes me happy. It is so true, smiles are contagious. 


Attempt to eliminate enemies from your thoughts. Learn to love each other. We are all here for a reason. There is no reason to hold grudges or stay stuck in bad memories. It will only tear you up inside. Let the bad vibes and negativity go and move on. 


Release everything you’ve been told is impossible or unrealistic. Replace your doubt with openness. Never forget that ALL things are possible with God!


Grievances bring turmoil. Communication brings peace. No matter the how hard it may seem, push aside the difficulty and just TALK.


Lighten your material load – share what you’ve been blessed with. Your life will become more peaceful. Give not to get.


Work at being content with who you are.

Learn who you are.

Love who you are.

Never apologize for who you are.

I am what I am”


Remember, what you think about expands. You have the power to make your inner world work for you or against you. Your thoughts create your reality. Once you realize this, you will start being very careful about what you think about.


Let go of “more is better”. There is no peace in more is better. If it doesn’t bring peace to your life then it is something you want to discard.


Get back to nature. Walk barefoot on the beach, hike through the mountains, walk in the grass in a park. You will begin to feel more blissful.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through these tips and will check out Dr. Dyer’s videos if you get the chance. I love listening to and watching him speak. It is truly inspirational. Let me know what you guys think in the comments! I love hearing from y’all!

XO my loves,

~ Ray

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