5 Fun Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

Don’t you just love Christmas?

I know I do. I always have. When I was growing up, my family would always do little crafty things together. My mother was a teacher and she always encouraged my siblings and me to really have fun with crafts and be as creative as we could. We would string popcorn for the Christmas tree, or bake and decorate sugar cookies, for many years we would even make our own Christmas cards to hand out at our church.

These may not sound like huge ordeals, but they sure do stick out in my mind. Very precious memories that I hope to enjoy with my son as he grows older.

Below, I have listed some of my favorite Christmas Activities. These are all things that my family would do around this time of year and we always had a blast.

My Favorite Christmas Activities

  1. Baking Christmas Cookies

We would always bake cookies and decorate them on Christmas Eve. We would leave them out with a glass of eggnog for Santa. I remember my siblings and I would wake each other up around 4 am if we weren’t all awake already and we would sneak downstairs (avoiding the creaky step) to see if the cookies and eggnog were gone.

  1. Building A Snow Man

This is a tradition that I still carry out in my adult years any time I am around snow. It is simply a blast. I remember when it snowed on my birthday one year, I was so happy about that, my boyfriend (now husband) and I went to the town square in the middle of the night (around 11pm LOL) and built the largest snowman I had ever built! It was about as tall as me! Complete with a hat, Oreo eyes, a carrot nose, and an M&M smile. 🙂 That was so much fun!

  1. Decorating The Christmas Tree

This is one that I believe is lost these days. With all the plastic trees and the pre-lit nonsense. IMO. I don’t want to step on any toes, this is just my opinion.

Decorating the Christmas Tree is a HUGE part of keeping the spirit of Christmas alive. I remember when my Daddy would take all of us out on our land (or to a Christmas Tree Farm as I got into my late teens) and we would walk around laughing and talking until we found the perfect tree and then he would cut it down and we would all carry it back to the house. We would all help string the lights, handing the strand to each other as we stood around the tree. Then we would hang the ornaments we had made, like the popcorn strands. Then we would hang our sentimental ornaments and top off the tree with beautiful ball ornaments and Daddy would always place the star on top of the finished tree. While we were doing all of this, there were cookies being eaten, eggnog and Grinch punch being drank, Christmas music playing and all of us dancing around and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. All of this took 1 day. We called it Christmas Tree Day and it was usually one day during the first week of December. We would all wake up to a huge breakfast cooked by my Daddy and then head out tree hunting. This is exactly the kind of spirit I hope to bring to our household as my babies grow up.

When everything comes pre-done, where’s the fun in that?? Again, IMO.

  1. Watching Christmas Movies

This is something that we would always do as a family during the Christmas season. Every night was a different Christmas movie starting on Dec. 1st and ending on Christmas Eve night. This is another tradition that I hope to carry on as my family grows. You can see some of my most favorite Christmas movies here!

  1. Last but not least! – Riding around and seeing Christmas Lights

This is something that I vividly remember doing as a child. My grandparents’ neighborhood would often be all lit up with each house decked out with decorations. It was so much fun driving around and looking at all the houses. We would sometimes visit Charleston, SC during this time of year and go to a huge Christmas light show/display they have every year. After you drive through the Christmas lights, there is a huge cabin style building and you can get out and roast marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, participate in Christmas themed games, stand around a fire, and visit the cutest Christmas gift shop. It was always such a blast and one of my favorite things to do during December.

Lights are a huge part of Christmas to me, they just make everything feel happier and more festive. Decorating is never a burden and always one of the most special things about this time of year to me.

There you have it!

Those are some of my favorite activities to do during the Christmas season. There are more of course, but these pretty much top the list. I also really enjoy things like caroling, going to the Christmas Eve service at my church, hosting a Christmas party the weekend before Christmas, and so much more. This is truly my favorite time of the year. I am so excited to share all of this with my kids as they grow up.

Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite Christmas activities are! I love hearing how others celebrate this time of year.

Lots of Love,

~ Ray

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  1. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favourite things to do too!

    Jas xx |

    1. hartofblogging says:

      It is fun, isn’t it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love baking cookies at Christmas time. In fact, I go baking crazy over Christmas! Part of our family tradition is also watching Christmas movies – we watch Elf every Christmas Eve xxx

    1. hartofblogging says:

      That’s great! I love Elf, we just watched it a couple of days ago! White Christmas is usually our go-to movie on Christmas Eve. Baking is definitely a huge part of our holidays too. Not too much this year though, I’m still getting the hang of time scheduling with an 8 week old lol.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I definitely am baking cookies. It’s my favorite thing to do for Christmas.

    1. hartofblogging says:

      Christmas cookies are the best, aren’t they! I feel like they’re the most fun to make and to eat!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      ~ Ray

  4. Love this list! My family loves to do all of those things too! I hope that you & your family have the best holiday season!!

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