1. This was very inspiring to read, you sound like you’re doing great! I’ve also had body confidence issues, especially my legs, I hated them and thought they were too big and so I’d never have them on show. If it was hot in England, I’d just wear dresses and tights because I wouldn’t want my legs on show at all. It was only last year that I finally got my legs out and wore dresses without tights and it was scary but I did it. It’s difficult to keep that mindset though because it’s always so cold here, most of the year I won’t have my legs out anyway, so when the summer comes I’ll have to get used to having my legs out again!

    Chloe Chats xx

    • I’m happy that you found my story inspirational 🙂 Thanks for letting me know. Show those legs off! Someone once told me this, if you don’t like yourself or how you look, how can you expect anyone else to? This is something I still struggle with, but I hope it helps somehow.
      Lots of love,

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