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Baby Boy Hart Is 6 Months Old!

Baby Boy Update 6

Baby Boy Update 6

WOW! What A Week!

Y’all this week is one for the books. I do believe we have been busy every single day and we haven’t had a week like that in quite a while. I say week, I suppose it was just 4 days in a row but still. Long enough!

Today is Saturday and I feel like I’m just now sitting down during the day for the first time since Wednesday! We went and got Baby Boy’s passport photos done and sent off. This time he was not happy about having his picture taken at all. He’s at the point where anyone who isn’t Mama or Daddy makes him scream and cry and just basically freak out. So it was a little bit of a struggle but we managed to get ONE decent picture out of about 12 shots lol. Thursday we went grocery shopping and ran some errands around town. Yesterday we mainly stayed around the house but we were all outside for a good bit of the day. We’ve been very busy with planting veggies and getting our garden pots organized. Not to mention pest control since flies and gnats seem to be flocking to our plants.

I guess my point is that it’s been a jam packed week but it has been a good week.


Yes. It happened. My little, tiny, newborn babe is officially not so little, not so tiny and not so newborn anymore. He turned 6 months old yesterday and yes I had a mini break down. And by “mini” I mean I locked myself in the bathroom and basically boo hooed till my eyes were red and puffy. Embarrassing a bit, yes. But when that lump is in my throat I just hole away and give in. And trust me it was there yesterday. To some, six months may not seem like much. But to me it’s HALF A YEAR and that seems like such a long time. Baby Boy is over 2 feet long now, he is grabbing at things, rolling around, and just growing so fast. He is almost able to hold himself up in the sitting position and I swear he might just crawl before he officially sits up on his own.

I am so beyond blessed to be his Mama.  I try to remember every little thing but I’m afraid some things from just the past six months seem to have slipped my mind. As these memories fade from my mind, I thank God for the person who invented photos, videos, and computers. I have so many memories saved in these electronic contraptions to the point that someone who doesn’t even know us could feel as if they do. I have been obsessed with preserving as much of his littleness as possible and I am so happy I have done that. These memories will be with us forever and that means the world to me.

* I know something could happen and these back ups could be lost. But for now, in my mind, these will always be there to remind me of the absolute best days of my life.*

I suppose that’s about it for this update. Baby Boy is growing bigger and stronger each day and for that I am eternally grateful. We are all happy and healthy and for that I am also grateful.

Thank you for taking time to read this little update of mine and keep an eye out for my next garden update .

Till then-

Lots of Love,

~ Ray

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