Okay. Let’s begin by recapping my January Goals, shall we!

Grow my Twitter following to 800

Yes! My Twitter following jumped up to 800 within the last week of January! I am super happy about that and I seriously hope that these numbers help grow the amount of traffic my blog gets!

Complete my daily devotional every day

I did complete my daily devotional book, however, I had to double up on some days. I was so sick this entire month that some days I could barely open my eyes without pain. So… yes I did hit this goal & no I suppose I didn’t exactly hit it.

Read 1 full book

Well, Nope. I did begin a book and I did read a little bit almost every day. I did not finish it though.

Wake up early (Before 7am) every day

Heck NO. Being sick, again, took its toll on me and most mornings I chose to just let my body rest. However, Little Man had me up and going before 8am most days for sure.

Apply for (and hopefully get) a freelance/writing job

Applied for. Yes. Got hired. Nope.


Grow my Twitter following to 900+

Hit 100 page views on my blog from Feb 1st to Feb 28th

Get the first 25 pages of my novel written OR 6,000 words

Read a little every day

Learn a new recipe 🙂


There you have it, that’s how my January 2019 went and my new goals for February 2019! The plan is to work a little every day to accomplish these goals and I’ll let you know how it goes March 1st so be sure to keep an eye out!

Let me know how your January 2019 goals turned out!

Lots of Love,



  1. Great Goals for this month !! ♥️ One of the main things I wanna do this month is generate more traffic to my blog through social media platforms like Pinterest! Great post!

  2. Best of luck on your goals and well done for January! I’d hope to write some of my novel this month too but I keep getting distracted by blogging.


    • I get distracted by blogging a lot too. I’d love to work on my novel some this month, and I probably will, if I can find a little extra time. I’m not sure how likely that is though lol

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