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Gilmore Girls

Has anyone seen Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life recently? It came out a few years ago I believe but over the last couple of weeks I have watched it with fresh eyes and I just have to talk about all the ups and downs in my mind about this series. Gilmore Girls is such a feel good show. I love binge watching it as the weather begins to turn from summer to fall. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year and I love that it is here again!

Who else is already loving the fall vibes floating through the air?? Bring on the football games, bonfires, sweater weather, and apple/pumpkin everything! Oh, I am so excited to see the leaves change up on the trees. I’ve already seen some leaves beginning to fall and it is just the most exciting time of year!

That being said, I am not enjoying these days to their fullest to be honest. Morning sickness has completely taken over the last couple weeks and I just don’t feel like doing much at all. I’ve been praying like crazy that it doesn’t last the entire pregnancy! This little girl is certainly making me way more sick than my son did during my pregnancy with him. I am almost 17 weeks pregnant and the sickness does not seem to be going away much at all. Not to mention that daily migraines have set in this week.

How many of you have a boy and a girl? Were your pregnancies completely different or more similar? I’m curious to know!

The last couple weeks I’ve been full on binge watching Gilmore Girls any chance I got. That is one show that will absolutely never get old to me. I love the way that the fictional town of Stars Hollow is so quirky and fun. I always wanted to find a town like that to move to and raise my family. Although, I’m pretty sure that type of town doesn’t actually exist! HA.

GG A Year in The Life

Well, let me just throw my two cents in about the Gilmore Girls Year In The Life episodes that came out more recently. I love Gilmore Girls, but I pretty much HATE the way the characters story lines were written for the most part in this “continuation”. The flow, the language, the speed and the feel of this continuation was great, but the actual story-lines were just way off from what I ever expected a “happy ending” for Gilmore Girls to look like. This was definitely not a “tie up loose ends” or “everyone ended up happy” kind of ending to our beloved Gilmore Girls.

So, here’s what I did not really love about the continuation –

First – Lorelei and Luke. They’re together…okay. But they aren’t married yet after NINE years… didn’t Lorelei break up with Luke in season 7 because (in her mind) he didn’t want to marry her? But then he showed up a day later wanting to marry her…. if they could overcome that and get back together after both of them clearly wanting to get married… why in the world are the not married after 9 years?? Also, no kids? What about the kids that Luke wanted to have with Lorelei? Wasn’t he even planning to buy the old Twickam house for this reason… Plus, it is pretty clear that Lorelei wanted another baby but what… Luke kept shutting her down and she’s just gonna go along with that and live the rest of her life with him anyway? I mean come on.

Second – Rory. SERIOUSLY. She is a graduate of a prestigious high school, an Ivy league university and here she is after almost ten years, completely floundering in life. No steady job, no job prospects, sleeping with someone else’s man not to mention several other “randoms” and no place to live? Why was she written as such a … failure?

Third – Logan H. – Rory turned down his marriage proposal at her college graduation and yet, almost 10 years later, he is potentially sabotaging his current relationship with another lady whom he asked to marry him to run around with his ex who did not want to marry him when she had the chance. What’s that about? Have these people no morals whatsoever?

Fourth – I HATED what the last words of the series meant. Rory says she is pregnant. Which means our beloved, smarter than smart, private school, ivy league girl – Rory ended this little story-line by not only being “the other woman”, “the mistress”… the trampy little slut we thought she left behind with her Dean fiasco. But no, she did not learn anything from that experience, she has now gone off and gotten herself pregnant by someone else’s fiance. Ugh. Just pathetic.

Fifth – What’s with the random hoopla going on at Emily’s house. That maid is clearly the actress that plays “Gypsy” from Stars Hollow not to mention completely irrelevant to the actual story-line of the show.

Sixth – If Rory must’ve been with anyone from her past, it should have been Jess. He always truly cared for / loved Rory and she really cared for him. Even if he didn’t have it together at 16… by 30 I’m sure they could’ve figured something out. Especially after she declined Logan’s marriage proposal. When Logan walked away from Rory that day at her graduation, it should have been the end of that and they BOTH should have moved on. Oh! And did I mention that Jess, from the way they made it seem, is actually single in the continuation! Who would’ve guessed that. Maybe…. just maybe,/ he’s been waiting for Rory to wake the heck up!!

Seventh – I know that Melissa McCarthy (Sookie) is super popular these days, but I hate that she was barely in the continuation series for 5 minutes. She seriously should have been a bigger part of the show.

GG A Year In The Life

Now for a couple of things I do actually like about the Gilmore Girls spin off episodes.

First – Jess seems to be doing good, and looking good.

Second – At least Lorelei and Luke are together in some type of way.

Third – I do love that Lorelei and Luke get married in the end, but in my ideal Gilmore Girls continuation … they would have BEEN married for X amount of years and would simply be renewing their vows in this scenario.

Fourth – They gave a very nice nod to Edward Herman. When Rory is walking through the house, hearing the memories and seeing her grandpa at his big desk… oh boy did that get to me. He was such a presence and hearing his voice, seeing the little memories… I wish that scene would’ve lasted a little bit longer. Maybe showed him making drinks, or sitting in the living room reading, or when Rory was freaked over Yale and gave him a huge hug. I just would have loved it if they had showed him a little more.

Fifth – I loved that Dean slipped in for a second and seems to have a great life going for himself. Married with three kids and one on the way or something like that… THAT is how it should have been for every one of Rory’s ex’s and herself. Moved on in some way, shape, or form.

Sixth – I did really love how the boys from the Life & Death Brigade came and whisked Rory away. But I do believe it should have just been completely platonic between Rory and Logan.

Seventh – I love that Rory ended up being the editor of the newspaper and that she wrote the Gilmore Girls book. That is definitely a good thing.

Eighth – Just about every single important character from the original Gilmore Girls came back in the continuation at some point in the show. That was just awesome, seeing everyone again.

Well, I believe those are the highlights of my likes/dislikes of the Gilmore Girls Year In The Life. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Gilmore Girls and will probably continue to binge watch it forever but I do wish the recent 4 big episodes could’ve painted a much nicer, heart warming picture than they did.

I know this is a bit of a random post, but I just had the words bursting inside of me once I finished the series and these words seemed to flow like this is what I’m meant to be writing at the moment.

Thanks so much for stopping by and “listening” to me.

Lots of Love,

~ Ray

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