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My Labor & Delivery Story ~ Baby Boy Hart~

Labor & Delivery

Welcome back to Hart of Blogging! Today I am sharing the Labor & Delivery Story of my Baby Boy who is 8 weeks old today! It is a pretty long story so, let’s jump right in!

The Birth Story Of Baby Hart

Labor & Delivery

*I have to be honest. Some women talk about these euphoric, calm, quick births. My story is pretty much the exact opposite of all those stories. *

Around 8 am I woke up with cramp-like pains. They felt almost like period cramp pains. I was also experiencing some nausea and lower back aches. Not really pains in my back, but like a tense soreness. My feet and face were more swollen than normal, well pregnancy normal anyway. I thought I was experiencing Braxton Hicks, I had not had any cramps or anything up to this point so the thought of being in actual labor didn’t cross my mind.

My husband and I decided to head into town around 2pm Thursday to get a few errands done, including grocery shopping. I was preparing to cook a few meals so that we would have some ready for when Baby decided to come.

As we were out, the cramps in my stomach started to hurt a little bit more and coming a little more often.

Since we were in town, we decided to stop by the hospital around 5pm just to see if anything was going on. They told me that I was not dilated at all, I was not in real labor, and that it could be a few more days maybe even a week before I was really in labor. I didn’t think that I was in active labor, so the midwives saying this did not really discourage me or shock me at all.

When we got home from running errands, it was around 6:30pm. I proceeded to cook our dinner, and one of the casseroles that I wanted to have prepared for after Baby arrived.

We ate dinner around 9pm. Shortly after eating, my cramping started to turn to real pains and these pains were hitting me every 8-10 minutes. Around 10:30 my husband suggested we lay down and try to get some rest. So we did, he fell asleep and I suffered in silence for about three hours. Around 1am I pulled out my phone and used the stopwatch to time my contractions.

At 1:30am

I woke my husband and told him they were lasting about 50 seconds-1 minute and they were hitting every 4-6 minutes. This is when we decided to head to the hospital. I knew this was true active labor at this point. The ride to the hospital was about 30 minutes and it was the middle of the night, so there was pretty much no traffic, thank goodness! We arrived at the hospital around 2:45am and were checked in straight away. We were the only ones in the maternity wing that night. I was so nervous yet unbelievably excited… even though I was in a ton of pain when we arrived.

When the midwife checked me, she said I was dilated 6cm – this was upon arrival! I had dilated 6cm on my own at home. I was surprised, proud, and a little relieved to have come so far already and on my own. My goal for this labor/delivery was to get through it as naturally as possible.

Which I did! I delivered Baby Boy completely naturally. I was in pretty intense labor from 5am til 2pm on Friday. Since I was already 6cm when I arrived, we did not anticipate this long stretch. I did not eat anything at all from around 9pm Thursday to 5pm Friday. These two days are completely blurred for me. Labor in its entirety lasted from 8am Thursday morning until Baby Boy was born at 2:11pm on Friday.

It was the most pain I have ever felt in my entire life.

It can not be explained. I’ll put it this way, my husband and I have always said we wanted to try for 2 babies, a boy and a girl. After seeing my labor and the toll it took on me, my husband now says we have one perfect little blend of him and me and that’s enough.

During the labor process, whenever the contractions hit, it was almost like instinct for me to let out this deep, loud, animal-like yell. The nurses kept telling me not to scream during the contractions, to save my strength for pushing. I was about ready to punch the next person who told me not to scream.

They checked me around 8am and again around 10am and both times I was told that I was at 8cm and seemed to be stuck. I couldn’t help but feel defeated and like there was something I wasn’t doing right.

From 10am til around 2pm I had the most intense contractions back to back and thanks to being induced, the contractions were 10x more intense and I did not get a second to breathe in between.

My husband was so strong, he was my rock.

He guided my breathing, helped me walk up and down the halls, held me steady as I squatted through the contractions, rubbed my back when I needed to be on all fours, let me squeeze the piss out of his arm when contractions hit, put pillows down so my knees weren’t directly on the hard floor as I leaned on the couch in our room, he did everything for me. My mother in law was also there with us. She kept telling me how strong I was and helped keep my hair in a bun because it was constantly falling and was the absolute least of my worries. She also helped me walk the halls when I needed it and took some pictures/videos of my husband and I while we were going through the thick of this whole process.

I was so out of it that I don’t remember most of what happened after around 10am. I was delirious and full-on nodding off during any second that I didn’t have a contraction. After around 11am, I was completely loopy. Between each contraction, and even during them I was crying so much and saying “I’m done” (like that was an option) and screaming “Get him out!” between each contraction. I was hungry and crying because I was hungry, crying because I was exhausted, crying because of pain, crying because I was crying… I tell you what, at the beginning of all this, leading up to this day, I seriously thought I was going to be so strong and like zen through this whole thing.

That. Did. Not. Happen.

I probably scared half the midwives who were working that Friday. With every contraction, I felt like I was dying, like it may have been less painful if I actually was dying. There was this horrible pain in my lower back, right at my tailbone, that made me feel like I had the worst constipation EVER and there was nothing I could do about it.

Baby 2

I have to be honest. Some women talk about these euphoric, calm, relaxed and even quick births…Yeah, my story is pretty much the exact opposite of all those stories.

Despite all of the yoga, hypnobirthing and meditating I did while pregnant, none of it helped ease the pain. These things may have helped me a little, but nothing lessened that unbelievable pain.

As the contractions hit, sometimes a little voice in my head would say, “It’s okay, my body was made to do this. I’m going to be okay. One day of horror and torture and then I’ll have my baby for the rest of my life.” and “God doesn’t give us anything that we can’t handle.” And I just kept saying out loud, “God give me strength”, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and other bits of encouragement that I remembered from the hypnobirthing recordings. These thoughts helped with my motivation but in no way, shape, or form, made any of the pain go away. They just made me a little stronger to push through the next contraction.

When the nurses wanted to check me again around 1:15pm, I thought for sure I was done with labor and ready to push. I felt like I had been in agony for days, I was delirious, I could hardly stand, it was way too painful to sit, and I was just purely exhausted. The nurses told me I was at 9cm. I died a little inside.

Then I became so frustrated, motivated, and determined – I felt like I could have lifted a MAC truck I was so determined.

I was going to do Anything it took to get my baby out!

My husband helped me stand at the end of the bed and he sat a chair behind me. I sat on the very edge of the chair and every time a contraction hit I grabbed onto the bed’s footboard and did the lowest squat I could manage. (Thank you YOGA!) All while screaming bloody murder…which honestly made me feel so strong and empowered. This continued for what felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life and suddenly I felt Baby’s head down there. I knew he was finally ready to come out. He had dropped into the birthing canal. This was when my heart just overflowed with what I can only call JOY. I was so happy that labor was about over, I was about to have my baby, and all this was about to be behind me.

My husband called to the midwives, they came in and checked me and sure enough, Baby’s head was right there. I went into the delivery room and pushed 3-4 times. There were several midwives around me telling me how strong I was, and to push my baby out, and I got lots of “That’s it mama”. And I tell you, I still hear the voices of those women when I close my eyes. It was so motivating. On my last push, the main midwife snipped me and Baby came out.

Everything about this part is such a blur, but I’m going to try and continue with as much clarity as I can.

When they placed Baby on my chest, he was blue. I mean just gray/blue. I was so out of it that I didn’t really even notice until the midwives started acting a bit hysterical. The single thought that was going through my head was

Oh my God, it’s over! That is my baby. That baby just came out of me!”

But before this thought could repeat itself, the midwives grabbed Baby H away from me so fast and started pulling at his umbilical cord and that’s when I realized, Baby H’s cord was wrapped around his neck. I started to freak out. One of the midwives came to me, really close to my face and kept saying “It’s okay, you’re fine and we’re going to make sure your baby is too.” She repeated this over and over to me.

Apparently, the cord was wrapped around his little neck 4 times, something very uncommon. This is why my labor took so long and did not seem to be progressing after I hit 8cm. We were told that the cord was wrapped so much that it was keeping him from dropping.

When they took him off of me and unwrapped the cord, I heard them calling for the pediatrician. They were saying things like emergency and oxygen. I couldn’t see my baby and that was making me panic a little bit. They had him in a tray style thing on the other side of the room but I couldn’t see him. I could hear him, but he sounded like he was in such pain it made my insides hurt for him. The midwives were “down there” pushing on my stomach trying to get the placenta to come out. Which is also very painful by the way. When they finished with that, the head midwife came in to stitch me up, also VERY painful. Just tons of pain.

I’m telling you, labor is seriously just the beginning. Then there’s the pushing, the ring of freakin fire, the cutting or tearing, the placenta, the stitching, and heaven forbid your baby comes out blue! Just all of it is one freaking nightmare that doesn’t seem to end. But then…


Once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, they come and lay that tiny, warm, sweet little baby in your arms. I swear to GOD when you see that tiny face, all of that pain and suffering just evaporates. Yes, it is all still very real and very painful for weeks/months to come. But, when you finally hold your baby for the first time, in that exact moment, all of the pain and suffering that you’ve just endured is gone. All that’s left is unconditional love, admiration, and so so so much joy.

There you have it. That’s is the birth story of Baby Boy Hart. This is my personal experience and I tell you what, as painful and scary as it all was, I am finally at the point where I can honestly say this.

If I have to do it all again to end up with a second perfect little baby, I’ll do it.

It has taken me 8 weeks to even be able to say that and about 95% wholeheartedly mean it. My husband still says no, he doesn’t want to see me in that kind of pain again. But as for me, it was all worth it. I’m still recovering and my body is still kind of in shock, but that’s a whole different topic!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my labor and delivery.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and reading.

Lots of Love,


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