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Practicing self-care is probably a foreign concept to many women out there. Taking time to care of ourselves can sometimes come in last on our to-do list, if it makes it on the list at all. We spend so much time on other people, projects, jobs, errands, etc. We forget that sometimes our body and mind needs a minute to catch up with the rest of our world.

This year I want you to focus a little more on yourself and not feel an ounce of guilt for doing so. Be the best YOU that you can be. Otherwise, Nothing, not your kids, your husband, or your job will get you at 100%. You will always be running on half empty or even empty and that’s not good for anyone. Although important, taking care of yourself is more than just brushing your teeth and combing your hair.

To me, self-care means giving yourself time to breathe, time to be in the moment, time to just rejuvenate and recharge. This can be 10 -15 minutes first thing in the morning, it can be half an hour before bed, or you could take an hour every other day and go for a walk or jog. However you choose to spend your Self-Care time, make sure that you are present and in the moment during that time span.

Below, I have listed a number of things that I believe are great ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine while not having to stretch too far out of your normal routine. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Self Care Tips


Say NO to caffeine –

I am definitely one to enjoy a nice cup of coffee an hour or so after dinner but, I have recently been cutting back on my night time intake of caffeine. Making the decision to not drink caffeine within 2 hours of going to bed will help calm your nerves and make sure you get a better nights sleep.


Drink more water –

This is one that I struggled with for a long time. Some days, it would reach 5 or 6 pm and I would realize I hadn’t had any water that day at all! Now, I keep a 1.5 liter bottle with me and I make sure that I drink at least that much before the day is up. Drinking water really does wonders for your body. If you’re not a fan of plain water, infuse your water with some fruit.


Me Time –

Take 15-30 minutes a day and spend that time on something you really enjoy doing. This can be drawing, meditation, swimming, enjoying a warm bubble bath … anything really.


Make a gratitude list –

Write down 10 things that you are grateful for and keep this list somewhere you will see it everyday. Doing this will remind you every time you see it that you have wonderful things/people in your life.


Tea Time –

Tea is a great way to wind down at night without putting too much caffeine in your system. Try different teas each night before bed until you find one you love. I have 100% been enjoying a wonderful cup of tea (in place of my former cup of coffee) before bed on these winter nights. My personal favorite is Earl Grey, absolutely delish.


Read 20 pages –

I don’t know about you, but I have said “ I wish I read more” to myself more times than I can count. WELL… Do it! Read 10 pages or so in the morning and 10 more at night. You will be flying through those books collecting dust on your shelves in no time!



Take a walk, spend an hour in the gym, practice yoga at a studio or at home, (etc.) I personally love to practice yoga 15-20 minutes a day. I had a wonderful relationship with my yoga mat in 2017 and I hope to do the same in 2018. Yoga can literally be life changing, in my opinion. Yoga With Adriene has a wonderful 30 Day Challenge called True, it just started at the beginning of the year. All of her videos are free on YouTube and they are great for all levels of yogis!

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Get out in nature –

This can be a 10-20 minute walk, practicing yoga outside, sitting on a park bench, taking a hike, heck laying on a towel in your backyard. Just get outside and be there. Listen to the wind, to the trees, the dog next door, the traffic on the main road, whatever the case may be. Just be there for a few minutes and think about nothing but what you see and hear outside.


Learn something new –

Take up a cooking class, learn a new language, explore new hobbies. Let someone else teach you how to do something you’ve never done. Learning something new is a great way to kind of re-set your mind and challenge you, maybe even get you a little out of your comfort zone bubble.


Get enough sleep –

I know this can be especially difficult sometimes, but try going to bed by 10:30, sleep by 11, and waking up at 7 without hitting snooze. Check out my tips for a smoother morning to help you Want to get out of bed in the mornings!

I hope these tips help you take a little more time for yourself everyday. Taking time to care for your body and your mind will give you a better sense of mindfulness and help you live a life of intent. I hope you all enjoyed these little tips and will let me know what you think!

XO loves,

~ Ray

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