Spring Garden Post # 2

Spring Garden 2

Spring Garden 2

Spring Garden Post # 2

~ 2.0 ~

Hey y’all! Here we go again with an update on my Spring Garden. I wanted to post this a few days ago, but as many of you know, I lost the entire post due to a computer crash. And yes, I lost it even though it was saved. It had been for about 2 weeks while I was working on it a little each day. Anywho, this is just a little update on what I’ve done with the garden and any progress I’ve seen. So, let’s jump right in!

Pepper Seeds –

I decided to do some experimenting with pepper seeds since they are quite expensive where we live yet, we eat a whole slew of them! So I saved the red & yellow bell pepper seeds, some long red sweet pepper seeds, and some seeds from the inside of a green “dolma” type pepper. When I decided to start this pepper growing experiment, I put these seeds between two damp paper towels on a couple of small plates and then put those plates into clear plastic bags and twisted the ends shut. Making a kind of make-shift greenhouse. This has worked marvelously and I recently checked on my seeds and a few of them have actually started to sprout! That is probably the most excited I’ve felt about this whole journey so far. Actual progress! I changed the water and put them back out. Oh! I have placed these little “greenhouses” along the windowsill of my house where they are in the sun for the majority of the day.

Cherry Tomatoes –

So, when I decided to try this experiment I knew that I really had no idea what I was doing. My grandfather and father both have had wonderful harvests with tomatoes over the years but this is my first time trying it on my own. So, I did what I always do when I have no idea LOL. I spent a few hours on Pinterest – more than I’ll ever admit – LOL. Everything I found made it sound so easy. Just cut a slice and plant it in some soil. Well, I kind of did that. I took a few cherry tomatoes and I spooned out the seeds. Then I literally put them about an inch deep into some damp soil and fertilizer mix. It’s been about a week and nothing has happened so far. I keep them on a different windowsill that also gets a good bit of sun and I make sure to keep the soil moist. Obviously if these experiments work out, I will transfer my lovely plants to bigger pots.

Black Beans –

Now this one, I’m excited about. 🙂 Black Beans are absolutely, hands down, my favorite bean out there. Followed very closely, almost tied with Pinto Beans since that’s what makes delicious frijoles con queso! Anyways, Black Beans are actually very expensive and kind of hard to find around here. And since everywhere I looked on Pinterest people were saying all you need is the actual Black Bean. Well, I had some in my pantry! And so, the experiment began. Now, these were store bought black beans. Packaged and everything. So I wasn’t (and still am not) 100% sure if they will even work. Hence the word – experiment.

I placed about 50 little beans on a damp paper towel covered plate. I covered them with another damp paper towel and placed it in a plastic bag. Just like I did with the pepper seeds. I also placed these on that same windowsill. Well, I checked them a few days ago, and let me warn you now. If you try this, THEY WILL SMELL. They smelled so bad. Ick. Some of my seeds were complete duds. They had shriveled up and turned… just nasty. I tossed those. BUT, the good news is that one of my beans had actually started to sprout a little bit. I put this bean about an inch deep into some damp soil as well and it is on the windowsill with my cherry tomatoes. Then, I rinsed the remaining beans and placed them on clean paper towels and put them back on their original windowsill. The plan is to check them in about a week and see if there have been any changes. Fingers crossed!

Sweet Potatoes –

Well these… I just don’t know what to say about these.

Put them in some water, they say. Give them some sun, they say. And soon you’ll see slips start to grow, they say.

Yeah. No. I have had 2 sweet potatoes (whole) with the root end in water for almost 2 weeks now and all that has happened is some some white gunky stuff has formed near my toothpicks, the water has started to smell (so I changed it) and one of my sweet potatoes seems to be rotting, and absolutely no roots have formed at all. If this is how the process is supposed to go then I will be absolutely floored to see some slips grow over the next week or two. But, sadly I’m starting to think that I may have wasted 2 perfectly delicious sweet potatoes. These were bought from the store and not organic, so maybe they were sprayed with something – IDK. I gave them a rinse and a light scrub before placing them in water but… I just don’t know. I’ll keep you posted.

Lettuce –

So I decided to try and grow lettuce from lettuce! Yep. I took the root end of a romaine lettuce and put it into some water with partial sun for about a week and guess what! It started to grow! I transferred it to a pot with some soil/fertilizer a few days ago and I’ve been watering it a bit each day. It is growing for real! That is so exciting to me lol. I’m probably only going to do this once, but hey. I paid for one and I’m getting 2. That, to me, is a win! Here’s hoping that it just keeps growing!

Onions –

Last but not least, my onions. So this is where all of my experimenting ideas actually started. Growing an onion from an onion! Well, I took the inside of a couple of onions that had started sprouting and put their roots into some water. Y’all the roots kept growing! I was so excited. A few days ago, I transferred about 10 onions to their own pots and I keep some on the back deck and some in the front. However, I’m not so sure they have taken that well to the soil. Some of the “spring onions” growing from the top have started to turn kind of brown and break off. The thought that my onions might be a bust really stinks, since that’s kind of how all this started in the first place. I guess we’ll just have to see where we are in a week or so.

I guess that’s about it for my updates!


I’m thinking that I won’t be adding much more. Maybe some potato experiments or something, I’m just not sure yet LOL.

If you are starting your Spring Garden, let me know. What are you planting? What are you most excited for? Are you just experimenting as well?

I hope you are all having lovely spring weather. It is warming up here for us and I am beyond excited about it.

Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!

Lot of Love,

~ Ray

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  1. I wish I could have a vegetable again! I love cherry tomatoes and peppers which is what I use to have in my garden.

    1. I am excited! If you have any tips for me, please let me know! I’m just getting started for the first time ever and would love the advice 🙂 Especially for peppers.
      ~ Ray

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