1. This is an interesting combination. But I can see how they would sweet and nice.

    As for the days off, you’re doing your best and with a baby in the way, you’re doing great. Keep going! 😁


    • hartofblogging

      Thank you so much!
      It is an interesting combo for sure!
      We don’t have access to good baking pumpkins or canned pumpkin puree, so I worked with sweet potatoes. And you know what, they turned out delicious!
      I loved the chocolatey brownie twist, not the whole cookie, but swirled.
      I will probably be making these throughout fall!
      Thank you for understanding the days off. I didn’t want to take any, but things have been pretty hectic lol. I’m going to continue to do as much as I can though!
      ~ Ray

  2. Glad to hear your power is back now. Those cookies sound good, though I have never really done much with sweet potato, I think it would be great to try. My husband loves sweet potato, and I’m sure if I made them while the boy is at school, he would eat them since he wouldn’t know what was in them.

    • hartofblogging

      Well, I sure hope you give them a try! I was very pleasantly surprised and so was my husband 🙂
      Let me know if you give my recipe a try!
      ~ Ray

  3. Natasha

    And girly don’t be hard on yourself about posting. Post when you can and make sure you are taking care of yourself and that little baby first. Those are most important! Your doing awesome and your readers will still read and support you no matter how often you post. You got this!!

    • hartofblogging

      Thank you so much for the support! I hope everyone feels the way you do lol. Between family in town, the hospital run-arounds, and just feeling wiped out, it’s tough to sit and type posts and keep up with Twitter and everything. I sure am going to keep trying though!
      Thanks again so much!
      <3 Ray

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