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~ Tips To Increase Your Milk Production ~

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How I Naturally Increased My Breast-Milk Production

There are so many ways out there to increase milk production for us breastfeeding Mamas. Let me tell you, it can be a whirlwind of information. Since I was so concerned about the dip in my production, I jumped in feet first and immersed myself in everything that was said to help increase production. I used each ingredient independently for about 4-5 days to see if anything changed and I’ve listed below the ones that really worked for me. Now, I use them all on a daily/weekly basis depending on how my production goes day to day.

I know it can be a struggle when you feel like you aren’t producing enough milk for your baby. I was right there in your boat. It initially took about four days for my colostrum to even come in and those four days were unbelievably painful. Not only was I in insane amounts of pain from my labor and delivery with Baby H but on top of that, all I wanted to do was feed my baby and I couldn’t even do that without being in excruciating pain. It was so exhausting and emotionally straining for me. I had many moments where I wished for the breastfeeding stage to already be over, I wished that we could just switch to formula so I wouldn’t have to be in so much pain,

* Let me just say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving baby formula from day one. *

I can honestly say, I was basically dreading each and every feed. And if you’ve had a newborn, you know those feeding times come around OFTEN! Well, it took about 2 weeks for breastfeeding to not be extremely painful anymore and Baby H and I kind of got into a rhythm. It was almost like the universe said “HA! That’s what you think.” because as soon as it stopped being extremely painful, I started having issues with production. Baby H was fussy at the boob and I couldn’t pump hardly anything at all. We dealt with this for about 2 more weeks and when Baby H was close to 2 months old we started supplementing about 2 feeds a day and his night feeds with formula. This gave me a chance to build up a little stock in the fridge and use these supplements to try and build up my supply.

Well, that method worked for us during those days and for most days, this is still how we do things.

So without further ado, here is the list of supplements I used to go from barely getting 2oz per boob to pumping about 6-8oz per boob. Obviously this depends on the time of day. First thing in the morning I usually pump about 9oz total after feeding Baby H. During the day, I feed Baby H and pump afterwards, getting about 5oz or so total.

I use a manual pump so if you use an electric pump, you might get more.

* Supplements *

  • Fenugreek

  • Brewer’s Yeast

  • Oatmeal

  • Fennel & Anis Tea

Honest to Goodness, that’s it!

I drink hot tea every morning and evening. When I make my coffee, I will put ¼tsp of Brewer’s yeast in it. I’ll also put ½tsp of the Brewer’s Yeast my oatmeal every morning. And I do have oatmeal every day, sometimes twice a day. Fenugreek adds a nice flavor to my stir-fry’s, chicken curry, hibachi meals, burgers, even chicken noodle soup or chicken and wild rice soup. Which I had a lot of during January since I was so sick.

These are just a few of the examples of how you could use these ingredients. If you give them a try, please let me know how they work out for you!

If you’re having trouble with your milk production, I just want to say. Keep your chin up Mama, don’t lose faith, and I promise you It Is Normal, and it happens to a lot of women. You are not alone.

Lots of Love,

~ Ray

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